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Super Premium Transmission

It made sense to have a transmission shop within our automotive complex. People that are already customers “Wilsonites” don’t have to look far to find fair prices and Super Premium Transmission high quality repairs. Customers seeking transmission repair discover Wilson Imports and Domestics. Since we both love cars and enjoy driving and discussing them the merger was a no brainer.

Jim Mullin shares our vision of having customer’s vehicles fixed right the first time and every time. I have known him professionally for about 20 years and he was always my first choice for transmission repairs.

We understand the complexities of transmissions and the electronic counterparts that enable them to work together. Clutches, transfer cases, differentials are also things we can fix properly. Manual transmissions, 4×4 as well.

We understand that transmission repairs can cost a bunch so his experience with the big transmission companies involves negotiating with vendors for lower prices. This keeps your transmission repairs affordable. Dealing with Jim is always uplifting because he thinks positive and he deals with each and every customer in a positive way as well. Jim wakes up every day thinking he is in heaven. Work is not work for him but rather an extension of his great life. He is about taking care of people’s vehicles and getting personal referrals leading to more customers. We are glad to have him on the Wilson Imports and Domestics – Super Premium Transmission team.

To sum it up combining resources under one roof is beneficial to both Wilson Imports and Domestics customers as well as Super Premium Transmission customers. We offer comprehensive general automotive repairs, transaxle repairs and overhauls,torque converter,drive shaft, CV, computer diagnosis,fluid flush,clutch. pressure plate and differential repairs for both import and domestic vehicles. In our book that’s a win-win situation.