What we are about

What we are about


What we are about:

Our grandparents collectively emigrated to this America around the turn of the century. Although they were from different countries and cultures; the promise of freedom and the ability to raise a family in this country was the common thread. Our father’s fathers worked hard and diligently to build a life here including full assimilation to all of the cultural aspects. We feel that made us better people through their examples of sacrifice, hard work and an unyielding work ethic. They believed in God but never needed to foist their beliefs on others in order to feel validated. The love felt at family meals and gatherings would quell the pain that their toil and sacrifice gave them. They assimilated and learned to speak English, learned history, reading, writing and arithmetic. Each reported to us the single greatest day of their lives was when they became American Citizens.

They were no longer small people from Europe but citizens of the greatest nation on earth! In homage to their lives we vow to give the best work, fairest prices and super-premium quality to each and every one of our customers.

-Jim and Steve

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