Air Conditioning Free Analysis:

Is your vehicle cooling properly inside? Try our Air Conditioning Free analysis. Yes, a free comprehensive check up. Many different AC problems can add up to a lot of hot air. Low freon due to a leak. Bad air conditioner clutch or compressor, dryer, expansion valve or liquid line. Condenser or evaporator, electronic control unit, we can figure out the problem and fix it properly.

Air Conditioning Free Analysis, AC problems can add up to hot air, in and see if your AC is operating properly, no more sweating and driving with the windows rolled down.

Air Conditioning Free Analysis

Air Conditioning Free Analysis: Far too often we see people driving in the sweltering heat with the windows rolled down. Afraid that the cost of repair will be high. Consumers often hesitate to find out why?! At our business; customers can relax in our air conditioned office. Take advantage of the free WI-FI. Eat at local restaurants. Drop the vehicle off. Use our convenient key drop  located in the front of the building. If your vehicle’s air conditioning is not working properly, give us a try! Wilson Imports and Domestics offers a air conditioning  free analysis. This means NOT paying for someone to check it out. We perform heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) free check outs.

Does your vehicle smell musty? Make loud noises with the AC on? Only work on high or low speed? Blow hot air at the same time? Blow cold air at your feet? Drip water or antifreeze on to the floor boards? Blow cold air only sometimes? Only the front or rear of the vehicle get cold? Vented seats are not working? Whistling noises are coming from the vents? Is the vehicle using more fuel?  Does it drive sluggishly with the Air Conditioning on?

We can assist by helping you know what is wrong with the AC. So you can eliminate the hot air from your driving life.

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