Automotive Repair Services:

Wilson Imports and Domestics specializes in Automotive Repair Services.We are established ourselves as a leader in the following categories:


Electronic Diagnostic Services – scan, road test and check electronic component function.First of all our equipment is up to date and efficient in avoiding misdiagnosis.

Tune Ups – Test / check spark plugs, test wires, coils, distributor.
Air Conditioning Repairs – Test and evaluate HVAC system, detect leaks or sources of failure within the system.
Timing Belt Replacement- Replace timing belt, seal replacement in area if needed.

We also offer Automotive Repair Services below:

Diesel Engine repair and maintenance. We work on and maintain a wide variety of  diesel and turbo diesel powered vehicles. Because cab off engine repair is a science we do it right.

In contrast we repair:

Transmission,Clutch and driveline,cooler lines, fluid service and finally mounts .

In the same fashion:

Water Pump Replacement – replace water pump, flush antifreeze, replace thermostat if needed.
Engine Repairs and Swaps – Helping you make the best decision where it comes to the repair.


High performance Tuning – Installing programmers, dyno testing if available for your vehicle.

In addition to routine services:

Brake Repairs and Upgrades – Slotted, drilled brake rotors, high quality ceramic brakes, calipers.
BG Services for Engine; fuel injection,oil flush, Power steering, brake systems, air conditioning,battery service.
Fleet maintenance – preventative maintenance large or small fleets.
Suspension, chassis upgrades, handling improvements, rack and pinions replaced, repaired.
Fleet storage available.

And Finally:

We offer race car fabrication- Superchargers, turbochargers, high performance intake systems,exhaust system replacement, install camshafts, Engine overhauls,custom head replacement, repair work, cold air intakes. Occasionally we build VW and other types of Dune Buggies.

To sum it up we perform exemplary repair services so make us your automotive home.

Wilson Imports and Domestics – Super Premium Transmission

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*Pick up and delivery when coupled with orders over $1500.00
*We service fleet accounts