Engine Swaps-Rebuilding

Engine Swaps-Rebuilding can have both advantages and disadvantages over rebuilding. The motor is offered as a short block (no heads). This requires the existing heads to be re-machined. A valve job may also be needed. The long block assembly comes with heads and head gaskets already in place. In our experience stock (to factory specifications) seem to be more reliable than aftermarket replacements. There are many companies that offer bargain priced engines. The problem to the shop is if the engine fails it will have to go back to the vendor for warranty. This takes time and is inconvenient to both the customer and the shop.

Engine Swaps-Rebuilding 3.2 Engine, motor, engine exchange, rebuild.

Engine Swaps-Rebuilding, 3.2 Liter Acura engine

Rebuilding, worn out 5.7 liter engine wit over 300,000 miles on the clock

Engine-Rebuilding, 5.7 Chevy

Engine Swaps-Rebuilding, factory crate engine, motor, long block

Swaps-Rebuilt 5.7 Chevy long block

Used engines. A used example that came from a donor vehicle  could be good if low mileage. It can also burn oil, make noise or have other problems. We try to avoid using them. Salvage yards can refuse to warrant the engine or make it very difficult to use a credit.  To us the risk taken is not worth it.

What we recommend:

In house rebuilt engines.This option is for the customer that wants his or her vehicle to perform well. We can select parts that in our experience do very well. The head and block go to our machine shop. The specialty equipment at the machine shop approaches $1,000.000.00 in original cost. Engines blocks are honed or bored to a larger diameter. Pistons are re-ringed or replaced with over sized. Camshafts are replaced or reused, crankshafts are turned. Valves are cleaned, resealed or upgraded. Engines can be mapped out (balanced and blueprinted). High performance add ons such as performance camshafts, specialty valves, custom heads and pistons can be a natural part of the rebuild process.

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