Timing belt replacement service:

Timing belt replacement service is essential to engine longevity. With a timing belt replacement service there are critical facts to consider. Furthermore what parts do I need to replace? Are all parts the same quality? Do all repair shops offer the same quality of repair? Are prices driven by fair market value or “bait and switch?”


OEM Timing belt kit


Timing belt replacement service how it works timing belt illustration

Basic how it works timing belt illustration

First of all let’s talk about how timing  belts work. Timing belts are used to make the engine run smoothly. These belts have teeth (cogs) and connect the camshaft to the crankshaft. In concert they drive the engine’s mechanical function. They need to be changed as often as the 60,000 miles interval. Some vehicles allow for less frequent timing belt replacement. When a timing belt fails the engine is usually in danger. However “non interference engines are safe from timing belt breakage. This does not mean other problems such as overheating will not occur.

Is DIY the answer?

Videos on Youtube make timing belt replacement look easy but the question is are you willing to put your engine at risk to try to save money. I would rather have someone that performs Timing belt replacement service often do the job! In the new age of information customers are better educated on automotive technology. That said more bad decisions are made due to misinformation disseminated by purveyors of inferior parts. Wilson Imports and Domestics we take care of all the small details. We know the right parts to use, furthermore we can determine which parts to replace knowing which one’s fail commonly. We change only the parts that need changing. Every day our customers report that their vehicle is running better than ever!


In conclusion, Why a Timing belt replacement service and not just the timing belt? Because we hand pick the parts and meticulously install them. We are in the same general area to change the water pump, serpentine belt(s),belt tensioner and pulley. Tube seals,valve cover gasket(s) spark plugs and fluid services are offered  with the service as well. And so you get the peace of mind knowing your vehicle will run well and not overheat for many. many miles.

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