Water pump timing belt service

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The deal of the day $50.00 off Water pump timing belt service: Engines fail every day due to neglect. Furthermore recommended services can and will prevent an unexpected break down. Water pump timing belt service is essential in order to avoid engine failure. At Wilson Imports and Domestics we provide unequaled timing belt service. Because some engines require one or more timing belts or a timing chain we offer greater explanation.     Water Pump replacement and diagnosis: The water pump (coolant pump) circulates liquid throughout the cooling system. In addition proper cooling increases engine life. Therefore it’s replacement is almost always part of the Water pump timing belt service. Noises or coolant leaks indicate water pump failure. Because the water pump is located by the timing belt we recommend replacing it with the timing belt service. Yet some vehicles have balance shaft belts and a second timing belt. We replace them as well. So due to the fact that there are many parts choices out there. We select the best quality part for each application. Customers learn the hard way when making a poor quality parts purchase. Our experience and relationships with the best parts manufacturers always benefit you the customer. Customer Experience: Charlie is a first time customer. First of all Google reviews drew him to our shop. Our free check out included a road test. Charlie’s 2010 Honda Accord was noisy on acceleration and at idle. So due to the fact that the belts were covered it took some checking to determine that the noise was coming from a frayed timing belt. We replaced the timing, serpentine belt,belt tensioner idler pulley water pump with gasket and antifreeze. As a result the noise stopped. Most noteworthy Charlie admitted that he had tied to replace the belt himself. Especially relevant was a poor choice on parts by the customer. While Charlie is happy with his fine running Accord,seems like it would have been less costly to have brought it in to us to start with. In conclusion remember to have your timing belt and water pump service performed at 60,000 miles unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer.                                              Wilson Imports and Domestics – Super Premium Transmission 5114 Hwy 6 North Ste A Houston, TX,77084 281 858...

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Air Conditioning Free Analysis – AC problems can add up to a lot of hot air

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Air Conditioning Free Analysis: Is your vehicle cooling properly inside? Try our Air Conditioning Free analysis. Yes, a free comprehensive check up. Many different AC problems can add up to a lot of hot air. Low freon due to a leak. Bad air conditioner clutch or compressor, dryer, expansion valve or liquid line. Condenser or evaporator, electronic control unit, we can figure out the problem and fix it properly. Air Conditioning Free Analysis: Far too often we see people driving in the sweltering heat with the windows rolled down. Afraid that the cost of repair will be high. Consumers often hesitate to find out why?! At our business; customers can relax in our air conditioned office. Take advantage of the free WI-FI. Eat at local restaurants. Drop the vehicle off. Use our convenient key drop  located in the front of the building. If your vehicle’s air conditioning is not working properly, give us a try! Wilson Imports and Domestics offers a air conditioning  free analysis. This means NOT paying for someone to check it out. We perform heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) free check outs. Does your vehicle smell musty? Make loud noises with the AC on? Only work on high or low speed? Blow hot air at the same time? Blow cold air at your feet? Drip water or antifreeze on to the floor boards? Blow cold air only sometimes? Only the front or rear of the vehicle get cold? Vented seats are not working? Whistling noises are coming from the vents? Is the vehicle using more fuel?  Does it drive sluggishly with the Air Conditioning on? We can assist by helping you know what is wrong with the AC. So you can eliminate the hot air from your driving life.                                                                                   Call Us...

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Check engine lights – Keeping check engine lights in check

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Keeping check engine lights in check Diagnostic Scan Tools In today’s market vehicles are becoming more and more difficult to diagnose. Ethanol gas additive can affect the performance. O2 sensors, Catalytic Converters, coils, fuel injectors, temperature, speed sensors can set Diagnostic, Trouble Codes (DTC). The friendly guy at the parts store will gladly use a “Code puller” to tell you what the problem might be. However in order to accurately diagnose a problem a diagnostic procedure must be followed. The automobile manufacturers, in efforts to better enhance fuel economy, boost performance, adjust suspension and brake functions, control temperatures inside and out; computer controlled cars are in. At Wilson Imports and Domestics our Scan tools Snap On “Verdict” and Autel “Maxidus Pro” allows us to not only follow a diagnostic path in determining the cause of the problem but gives us the ability to have each electronic component checked while still on the vehicle. This process enables us to not replace unneeded parts but to isolate the problem and just fix it. Often computer or sensor/solenoid reprogramming will improve the performance of a vehicle without necessarily replacing parts. Last week we had a Mercedes-Benz in for an air conditioning problem. It seemed like the heat and air conditioning were on at the same time. They really were. Steve used the Maxidus Pro and isolated the problem to one sensor and two electronic components. The customer wanted us to give an exact cost to fix the problem. We relied on our friends at Mercedes-Benz of Houston-Greenway to confirm the frequency of failure in a suspected temperature sensor. With the part special ordered for the next day we were confident the problem would go away. Steve (Wilson) skillfully installed the sensor behind the dash board and it worked. The customer was most impressed by the fact that we didn’t sell him anything he did not need. He also liked the text message pictures and updates. We have created a customer for life by using the best technology possible to minimize the cost impact. So think about us when a check engine light comes on or the vehicle seems to run badly. We can help by keeping check engine lights in...

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Oil Change Special

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Oil Change? We can help! $22.95 Most 4-Cylinder Vehicles -Motor Oil change featuring premium oil and filter $24.95 Most 6-cylinder vehicles -Motor Oil change featuring premium oil and filter $59.95 Most Vehicles -Motor Oil Change with premium semi synthetic motor oil and a filter $99.95 Most vehicles -Synthetic Oil and filter change   What’s in an oil change people ask us? It is knowing how to take all the right steps to make sure the the preventative maintenance service is done properly and without incident. We lend our 50-some years of combined experience to see to it that the job is done right the first time. Some customers wait in the lobby and enjoy the free Wi-fi and others like to go out to dine in a local restaurant while their vehicle is being serviced. Automobile Oil and filter changes can seem an inconvenience yet it is proven that failure to perform them can lead to expensive engine repairs. Routine oil services include changing the motor oil and a filter. With synthetic oil the 5,000 miles mark is suggested. Normal oil or high mileage oil the 3,000 miles interval is recommended. We are a BG Products Dealer and offer specialty oil change specials as well as transmission, brake, power steering, air conditioning and fuel injection services. BG offers a warranty providing coverage on serviced components that provide you with peace of mind as well as value. Call us for details. As a courtesy we check the vehicle over to make sure it is operating properly, it’s better to be safe than sorry. We can work with you on any future repairs by reminding you by text message or even a phone call. Our personalized service is second to none and we have built the business on friends telling their friends and family about our quality services. Take advantage of our current oil change special, call 281 858-1052 Our Partners Super Premium Transmission RV Oasis Jim’s Mustangs and...

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