Automotive reality shows

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Automotive reality shows: People always ask me what I do in my time away from my automotive businesses? My answer is, “watch automotive reality shows on TV.”  Here are my All Time Favorites: Overhaulin’ is an endearing program hosted by Chip Foose, Chris Jacobs and Adrienne Janic (AJ). The weekly episodes are high energy and endearing. So a deserving contestant’s ride is surprised with a top drawer custom overhaul. It seems that up to 40-technicians collectively contribute their sweat, heart and soul to each project. So with more than 100-episodes,even in syndication a visual and emotional feast is lavished on the viewer. Most notable is the theme of taking a person’s vehicle. For example Kassia who is very ill was told they had to tow her vehicle away. She became noticeably upset. So they relented and said, “You are on Overhaulin.’ So her 1954 Ford Custom line 4-door sedan was taken to Sema. The top was removed with the new vehicle drivetrain, interior and a excellant paint job  an open air cruiser is created. They presented Kassia the amazing one off car in front of a multitude of fans. Like other deserving recipients it is heartwarming to behold. Yes they make people’s dreams come true. Check them out! Fantom Works Television show is hosted by Dan Short. Because he is former military the shop is super organized. In the first place many rules about quality of work and safety are strictly enforced. Most noteworthy is the consistency of Dan and his craftsmen fulfilling customer’s long put off automotive projects. The episodes don’t attempt to hide the frustrations with parts suppliers and unrealistic and often condescending customers. One thing is for sure; If Dan has to choose between the customer and the car, he’s not choosing you. His biggest concern is giving the customer what they came in for and then some. His mechanics are motivated by daily challenges. Accordingly vehicles leaving the shop are works of art.Beneath his gruff exterior Dan is deeply compassionate. Specifically the episode where Katy and Rich bring a 1951 Buick Super in for repairs. In and out of 4 other shops the car was a mess.In the midst of the resurrection Rich falls and loses his memory. He only remembered the Buick not his daughters or wife.  The restoration is perfect. So Kathy and her girls show up to retrieve their beloved Buick. Rich had passed away. Dan was clearly moved emotionally. He waived the labor charges which would have been substantial. Every member of his team were saddened. After an emotional test drive, Kathy and her daughters took Rich’s Buick home. Dan Short won my respect. This is a how to run a...

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Salvage Title Cars – Small savings, big risk.

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Recently one of Jims Mustangs and Customs customers brought us a 2014 Mustang base model in for repair. Because we also have a transmission shop, import auto repair and Mustang shop under one roof. “Abe” asked us, “what do think of salvage title cars?” My answer was simple: Salvage title cars – small savings, big risk. First of all, the insurance company determines it less expensive to pay for another vehicle than repair this one. Secondly, the liability on the repairs comes at a premium cost (i.e. lifetime warranty). Thirdly, supplemental claims cost time and money when a vehicle returns to the shop for accident related problems. This helps the insurance company deem it a total loss. Abe explains, “I got the car for a steal. It cost a fraction of what it was new.” So tell me what it’s doing? Abe replys, “The vehicle doesn’t have much power on take off. Also it doesn’t want to go past 60 miles per hour.” Abe continues to explain, “The dealer said it’s in transmission failure and needs a new transmission.” So, I brought it to a Mustang specialist as well as a transmission shop and general automotive shop that services tuner cars.” He adds, “How can I go wrong?” Procedures we follow: Diagnostics tests indicate misfires on the left bank of the motor. Checking wiring, coils spark plugs and connectors no obvious cause. Fuel has a funny smell. The tank is drained and serviced. Fuel system cleaner and fresh gas added. It runs better but not perfect. Next we examine the timing chain and timing, all good. Cylinder compression test shows 150 psi across the board seems normal. For another test the wiring is examined. Damage such as broken,shorted and, burned wires and connectors are isolated. Most notable is the fact that a salvage title vehicle comes with one key only. A new key with fob is purchased. In conclusion: a mobile programmer is called out and attempts to program the new key. No luck! In the next installment of “Salvage Title Cars – Small savings, big risk” (part 2) at Super Premium Transmission we update you on the progress of Abe’s Mustang.   Wilson Imports and Domestics                          Jims Mustangs and Customs                                            Super Premium Transmission       Everything automotive under one roof 281-858-1052...

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Diagnostic trouble code diagnosis

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Diagnostic trouble code diagnosis: So a check engine light comes on, do you panic? First of all at Wilson-id we offer Diagnostic trouble code diagnosis. Secondly our checkouts pinpoint the cause of the trouble code. Thirdly we solve the problem without selling you unnecessary parts. Likewise vehicles are road tested to determine if a drive-ability symptom is associated with the trouble code. A variety of check engine light settings such as a loose gas cap, evaporative system leak, random misfire or transmission component slipping are fairly common occurrences. No need to panic: Unlike the parts stores we have scan tools instead of code checkers and the ability to clear codes. We record a code or series of them then they are cleared. When they come back right away we need to look...

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Suspension Repairs

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Suspension Repairs – Setting a customer on the straight and narrow path Suspension repairs; So we are all familiar with bad road conditions in Houston. Pot holes, speed, bumps, trash, road debris and tree branches cause damage. Larger wheels and tires accelerate wear to your vehicle’s suspension. This means replacing the tires, shock absorbers wheel bearings and struts. In  addition to tie rod ends, ball joints, sway bars and links, torsion bar. Finally the rack and pinion steering components and  power steering pump. Once everything needed is installed on your vehicle it still needs a front end alignment.Then everything is back to driving straight. What Suspension damage does: Uneven and premature tire wear for starters. Improper handling and rough ride. Noises such as creaking and popping. Consequently suspension repair when needed in contrast to when a breakdown occurs is a far better decision. Customer story: A customer brought in a 98 Lincoln Town Car for suspension repair. Unable to get anyone beside his wife to look under the car. He came to us to find out what was dragging under his car. Secondly why the front end was jumping. Thirdly the customer was on a tight budget and wanted to sell the vehicle.We took the car on a road test. The car was hopping, as this is happening made all kinds of noises from the right side. Steve (Wilson) discovered a bad sway bar link, top ball joint and a broken torsion bar (all important suspension parts that allow the vehicle to handle properly). So whoever purchased the Town Car got a safe driving automobile. With new parts installed the customer was able to go safely on his way. He would also recommend us to his friends.   That is the kind of customer our business was built on: Repeat business and word of mouth referrals are equally important. Performance car enthusiasts certainly represent some of our most loyal followers. In particular customers driving paid for vehicles enjoy the benefit of no car payment. Do you have a story you would like to share with us? Send your story to our email address; Or please do us a favor and write a nice review on Yelp, Google, Facebook, Google Plus and Angie’s List or any other customer review site. Wilson Imports and Domestics – Super Premium Transmission 5114 Hwy 6 North Ste A Houston, TX, 77084 281 858...

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Water pump timing belt service

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The deal of the day $50.00 off Water pump timing belt service: Engines fail every day due to neglect. Furthermore recommended services can and will prevent an unexpected break down. Water pump timing belt service is essential in order to avoid engine failure. At Wilson Imports and Domestics we provide unequaled timing belt service. Because some engines require one or more timing belts or a timing chain we offer greater explanation.     Water Pump replacement and diagnosis: The water pump (coolant pump) circulates liquid throughout the cooling system. In addition proper cooling increases engine life. Therefore it’s replacement is almost always part of the Water pump timing belt service. Noises or coolant leaks indicate water pump failure. Because the water pump is located by the timing belt we recommend replacing it with the timing belt service. Yet some vehicles have balance shaft belts and a second timing belt. We replace them as well. So due to the fact that there are many parts choices out there. We select the best quality part for each application. Customers learn the hard way when making a poor quality parts purchase. Our experience and relationships with the best parts manufacturers always benefit you the customer. Customer Experience: Charlie is a first time customer. First of all Google reviews drew him to our shop. Our free check out included a road test. Charlie’s 2010 Honda Accord was noisy on acceleration and at idle. So due to the fact that the belts were covered it took some checking to determine that the noise was coming from a frayed timing belt. We replaced the timing, serpentine belt,belt tensioner idler pulley water pump with gasket and antifreeze. As a result the noise stopped. Most noteworthy Charlie admitted that he had tied to replace the belt himself. Especially relevant was a poor choice on parts by the customer. While Charlie is happy with his fine running Accord,seems like it would have been less costly to have brought it in to us to start with. In conclusion remember to have your timing belt and water pump service performed at 60,000 miles unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer.                                              Wilson Imports and Domestics – Super Premium Transmission 5114 Hwy 6 North Ste A Houston, TX,77084 281 858...

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