Keeping check engine lights in check Diagnostic Scan Tools Autel Snap on

Keeping check engine lights in check Diagnostic Scan Tools

Keeping check engine lights in check
Diagnostic Scan Tools
In today’s market vehicles are becoming more and more difficult to diagnose. Ethanol gas additive can affect the performance. O2 sensors, Catalytic Converters, coils, fuel injectors, temperature, speed sensors can set Diagnostic, Trouble Codes (DTC). The friendly guy at the parts store will gladly use a “Code puller” to tell you what the problem might be. However in order to accurately diagnose a problem a diagnostic procedure must be followed.
The automobile manufacturers, in efforts to better enhance fuel economy, boost performance, adjust suspension and brake functions, control temperatures inside and out; computer controlled cars are in.
At Wilson Imports and Domestics our Scan tools Snap On “Verdict” and Autel “Maxidus Pro” allows us to not only follow a diagnostic path in determining the cause of the problem but gives us the ability to have each electronic component checked while still on the vehicle. This process enables us to not replace unneeded parts but to isolate the problem and just fix it. Often computer or sensor/solenoid reprogramming will improve the performance of a vehicle without necessarily replacing parts.
Last week we had a Mercedes-Benz in for an air conditioning problem. It seemed like the heat and air conditioning were on at the same time. They really were. Steve used the Maxidus Pro and isolated the problem to one sensor and two electronic components. The customer wanted us to give an exact cost to fix the problem. We relied on our friends at Mercedes-Benz of Houston-Greenway to confirm the frequency of failure in a suspected temperature sensor. With the part special ordered for the next day we were confident the problem would go away. Steve (Wilson) skillfully installed the sensor behind the dash board and it worked. The customer was most impressed by the fact that we didn’t sell him anything he did not need. He also liked the text message pictures and updates. We have created a customer for life by using the best technology possible to minimize the cost impact.

So think about us when a check engine light comes on or the vehicle seems to run badly.
We can help by keeping check engine lights in check.