Diesel repair-reinventing technology:

Because there are so many diesel powered vehicles on the road the need for precision auto repair has increased. So people who change parts and guess about what’s wrong wind up costing the consumer more money. Furthermore we use cutting edge and specialized scan tools and vehicle specific equipment problem solving methods. Consequently Diesel repair-reinventing technology is a hot topic.

Diesel repair-reinventing technology, Cummins,Power Stroke,Duramax,Blue TEC, VW TDI,transmission,transfer case,differential.

Diesel repair-reinventing technology

Diesel Repair Specialist:

We offer an entire diesel repair department to keep up with the demand for engine, transmission, transfer case and turbo charger fixes.

  • Ford-Power Stroke – versions we work on; 7.3 Power Stroke, 6.0 Power Stroke, 6.4 Power Stroke,6.7 Powerstroke.
  • Cummins-Turbo Diesel – 5.9 Turbo Diesel, 6.7 Turbo Diesel.
  • GM-Duramaxv- 6.6 Turbo Diesel most configurations.
  • VW-TDI
  • Audi-TDI
  • Mercedes-Benz-Blue Tech
  • Transmission repairs
  • Transfer case repairs

Cab off repairs:

For instance many pick up trucks require cab removal to access the diesel power plant.