Honda Civic Del Sol turbocharged

The movie The Fast and the Furious inspired many generations of car enthusiasts to want to go faster. Our customer who we will call “Hector” brought us our most recent project; it’s called the Honda Civic Del Sol turbocharged. He found us on a Google search.

Newer performance enhanced vehicles from the factory created a huge demand for aftermarket performance parts. Seems like these parts enabled personalization, more horsepower, better braking and handling. Rarely the new parts cause check engine lights to come on and created drivability issues. While most of these aftermarket parts worked well some did not. Do It Yourself (DIY) installation may have been part of the problem. We avoid these bad situations by providing known good quality parts and a lifetime of experience creating fast vehicles.

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Building a turbo V-tec B1A C1 GSR Engine

Most noteworthy the major auto manufacturers are trying to keep aftermarket computers from being used on their vehicles. The manufacturers claim safety features are part of the programming and should not be interfered with. This means accept the vehicle as is or have restricted control over particular performance variables.

More people who remember the good old days will bring in that unfinished project sitting in the garage awaiting revitalizing. That’s what our customer did. His 1995 Honda Civic Del Sol turbocharged was a dream waiting to happen. Hector had been all over the internet looking at parts for his car and wondering if he was ready for such a project. This type of work if not done regularly can be difficult. We know which parts work well together and allow the best performance and longer life. We will keep you posted as the work progresses.

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