Legends keep living:

Here at Wilson Imports and Domestics the Legends keep living… In 1986 Honda’s entry into the luxury sport market arrived in the form of Acura. The car took a bold avenue into the sports / luxury market. It boasted clean lines, good handling, ride and more than ample power. Their owners reported better than average reliability as well. Thus a near luxury car market was created.

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1992 Acura Legend

One of our customers recently purchased a 1992 Legend with well over 225,000 miles on the odometer. With oil and transmission leaks everywhere the challenge was to make the vehicle run better and stop leaking fluids. This is the course of action we took. The vehicle ran fairly well but seemed to be leaking from everywhere there was a seal. Timing belt, water pump, belt tensioner, crank shaft pulley and vehicle speed sensor all needed changing. The Legend was equipped with the 3.2 liter V-6 engine and the MPYA 4-speed automatic (transaxle). The drive train was so tightly configured that in order to gain access removal of both the engine and transmission were necessary. The engine and transmission were removed from the vehicle as one unit. They were separated  and the oil, transmission fluid and antifreeze were drained. The valve covers were removed. Then the front accessory belts, water pump, belt tensioner and crankshaft pulley. The cleaning process had begun. The trick in a repair was and is trying to not exceeding the customer’s budget. This could happen with an older vehicle. Driven by the idea that driving a “paid for” vehicle versus having car payments was better motivated this type of repair. The valve cover gaskets,cam and crankshaft seals were changed. All of the removed parts were replaced with new OEM or aftermarket parts with an equal to or higher quality.

Cracks on the outer land and top of the  oil pan were discovered. The cost of an engine oil pan from the dealer would have been too much so a donor pan was found locally. This would insure that Legends keep living. The oil pan was sealed to the engine block using Hondabond gasket maker. Then the pan bolts were tightened to spec. The oil pump appeared to have been damaged in a prior crash.  Although it functioned with a leak, it was replaced with a new one from Acura along with the 5 “O” rings. The transmission (transaxle) was resealed by our partner Super Premium Transmission using Original equipment parts and BG synthetic transmission fluid. The differential was resealed and filled with synthetic gear oil. The Air Conditioner compressor was resealed, system flushed and filled with freon. A broken air intake tube was exchanged for a new one. A new ac/heater blower motor installed.

After multiple road tests no leaks or trouble codes were found. We returned the vehicle to our customer. A few days later a follow up call revealed an ecstatically happy customer. He said the Legend drove like a new car.

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Legends keep living Legend 3.2 Liter Engine

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