Mini Cooper engine no small matter

Recently a customer that we will call, “Doug” phoned us with a 2007 Mini Cooper no start problem. Something as simple as a no start condition usually means replacing a battery or alternator. Google brought us to his attention. Since we specialize in import and domestic vehicle repairs he had the vehicle towed to our shop. We thoroughly checked it out. It was determined that the engine had seized. We explained that to Doug. He asked how hard it would be to repair. I said, “Mini Cooper engine no small matter.” He chuckled because in tense matters sometimes humor can go a long way to make the situation seem less stressful. Doug told me that he had an extended warranty and hoped to take advantage of the coverage. Consequently we honor and work with most extended warranties.

Mini Cooper engine no small matter, engine swap, transmission service, water pump, timing chain.

2007 Mini Cooper in for an engine swap


The warranty company asked us to inspect the engine see below:

Typical Extended warranty companies look for the most cost effective way to pay for a repair. As a result of a good purchase the warranty company was willing to go the extra mile for Doug. In addition to the reasonable offer by the extended warranty company we convinced Doug to have us service the automatic transmission fluid. As a result his daughter who we will call Bethany would be able drive the Mini without worry for many years to come.

Mini Cooper engine no small matter, engine swap, using the right parts, preventative maintenance.

Mini Cooper engine no small matter, 2007 Mini Cooper Engine Swap

This is how it looked going together

In conclusion; the Mini Cooper engine was swapped, motor oil , antifreeze, transmission fluid added and parts transferred.  Doug would have peace of mind as to the reliability of the car. Most of all Bethany would get her Mini Cooper back and get to enjoy it’s cool factor. We learned that oil changes at 3,000 miles can protect a small hard working engine and help prevent them from failing prematurely. Most noteworthy we realized Mini Cooper engine no small matter. We wish Doug, Bethany and their family members many years of trouble free motoring.

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