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$22.95 Most 4-Cylinder Vehicles -Motor Oil change featuring premium oil and filter
$24.95 Most 6-cylinder vehicles -Motor Oil change featuring premium oil and filter
$59.95 Most Vehicles -Motor Oil Change with premium semi synthetic motor oil and a filter
$99.95 Most vehicles -Synthetic Oil and filter change


What’s in an oil change people ask us? It is knowing how to take all the right steps to make sure the the preventative maintenance service is done properly and without incident. We lend our 50-some years of combined experience to see to it that the job is done right the first time.

Some customers wait in the lobby and enjoy the free Wi-fi and others like to go out to dine in a local restaurant while their vehicle is being serviced.

Automobile Oil and filter changes can seem an inconvenience yet it is proven that failure to perform them can lead to expensive engine repairs. Routine oil services include changing the motor oil and a filter. With synthetic oil the 5,000 miles mark is suggested. Normal oil or high mileage oil the 3,000 miles interval is recommended.

We are a BG Products Dealer and offer specialty oil change specials as well as transmission, brake, power steering, air conditioning and fuel injection services. BG offers a warranty providing coverage on serviced components that provide you with peace of mind as well as value. Call us for details.

As a courtesy we check the vehicle over to make sure it is operating properly, it’s better to be safe than sorry. We can work with you on any future repairs by reminding you by text message or even a phone call.
Our personalized service is second to none and we have built the business on friends telling their friends and family about our quality services.

Take advantage of our current oil change special, call 281 858-1052

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