Suspension Repairs – Setting a customer on the straight and narrow path

Suspension repairs; So we are all familiar with bad road conditions in Houston. Pot holes, speed, bumps, trash, road debris and tree branches cause damage. Larger wheels and tires accelerate wear to your vehicle’s suspension. This means replacing the tires, shock absorbers wheel bearings and struts. In  addition to tie rod ends, ball joints, sway bars and links, torsion bar. Finally the rack and pinion steering components and  power steering pump. Once everything needed is installed on your vehicle it still needs a front end alignment.Then everything is back to driving straight.

What Suspension damage does:

Uneven and premature tire wear for starters. Improper handling and rough ride. Noises such as creaking and popping. Consequently suspension repair when needed in contrast to when a breakdown occurs is a far better decision.

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Customer story:

A customer brought in a 98 Lincoln Town Car for suspension repair. Unable to get anyone beside his wife to look under the car. He came to us to find out what was dragging under his car. Secondly why the front end was jumping. Thirdly the customer was on a tight budget and wanted to sell the vehicle.We took the car on a road test. The car was hopping, as this is happening made all kinds of noises from the right side. Steve (Wilson) discovered a bad sway bar link, top ball joint and a broken torsion bar (all important suspension parts that allow the vehicle to handle properly). So whoever purchased the Town Car got a safe driving automobile. With new parts installed the customer was able to go safely on his way. He would also recommend us to his friends.


That is the kind of customer our business was built on:

Repeat business and word of mouth referrals are equally important. Performance car enthusiasts certainly represent some of our most loyal followers. In particular customers driving paid for vehicles enjoy the benefit of no car payment.

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