Most noteworthy event was our recent project Volkswagen engine swap. Wilson Imports and Domestics is known for precision repairs with Japanese vehicles. We also repair European vehicles like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Volkswagen and Domestic vehicles such as Dodge, Ford and General Motors. We have been known to make muscle cars even more muscular.

Recently a customer came in for a Volkswagen engine swap, he found us on Google. A recently purchased used VW Jetta started making noises on start up. It also had random misfire codes and the engine was stalling. Often this turbocharged 2.0 engine has problems with the timing chain tensioner. Also the timing and balance shaft chains can jump time. The camshaft crankshaft sensor or bad spark plugs can cause an engine misfire. By removing the upper and lower timing covers we observed the front of the engine. We noticed that the gear on the end of one of the balance shafts had worn and caused damage to the timing chain. One of the cylinders had low compression and there was abundant powdered metal in the oil pan and throughout the engine. The decision was made to swap the engine for a good one.

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VW 2.0 turbo engine

Unlike Japanese imports there were few used low mileage engines available anywhere. The ones we found cost nearly as much as a factory remanufactured unit. Without going to  FULL ON race engine this was the best way to make this repair. We contacted a local VW dealer and arranged the purchase. The engine arrived fairly complete and the transfer of parts was predictable. OEM fluids were used to protect the factory warranty on the engine. With everything completed we returned the vehicle to it’s owner. The Volkswagen engine swap was deemed a success by all.

The factory engine came with:

  • engine block
  • timing case
  • crankshaft
  • pistons
  • connecting rods
  • cylinder head
  • valve cover
  • sealing flange
  • oil pan
  • oil cooler
  • oil pressure switch
  • impulse senders
  • oil filter
  • water pump
  • dipstick

We added:

  • motor oil
  • intake manifold gasket
  • exhaust gasket
  • antifreeze
  • fuel injector “O” rings
  • Freon



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