VW Dune Buggy comes alive:

Recently a customer discovered us by searching Google for Volkswagen repairs. So this blog is titled, VW Dune Buggy comes alive. Of course that’s exactly what happened. Our new customer started by asking if we could repair or replace his Webber 2 barrel carburetor. We said yes and he showed surprise. He said he knew of no places that worked on 1959 carbureted engines. Wilson has been working on all kinds of  vehicles for over 30-years. Check out our Legacy motorcycle and Atv shop within our complex.

The repair process:

We like a challenge so the process begins. The small engine would not start or run therefore the carburetor is taken apart and examined. Sometimes on rare occasions the carburetor needs replacement rather than repair. This was one of those cases. Accordingly the existing fuel tank is rusty and has sediment at the bottom. This caused clogged fuel lines and damage to the carb.The solution was to replace the tank with a fuel cell. The one we selected was custom manufactured. We added a fuel gauge, braided fuel line, cut off valve, hold down brackets, air and fuel filters and a new carburetor. With fresh fuel added and the choke adjusted the VW Dune Buggy comes alive. It started and ran with the first turn of the key.

The second challenge in this project is to get the vehicle street legal. Remember that for this vehicle to pass inspection all is needed was to meet safety standards. First we installed a windshield,then re wired the head lights, made sure the horn and turn signals worked. The brake lights needed a bulb replaced. The emergency brakes worked and so with insurance and registration in place John’s VW Dune Buggy passed state inspection. Everyone involved feels good about this.

In conclusion we solved John’s problem making his dream of a street legal dune buggy come to life. In particular we got it running well and road worthy.

So if you have a project vehicle that needs starting or finishing and don’t have the time to do the work yourself, give us a call. In contrast we are happy to help you make your dream vehicle come alive.

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VW Dune Buggy comes alive

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